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Paraphrasing Tool Features

Our paraphrasing tool (paraphrase tool) helps to rephrase text by replacing words with similar meanings and changes the sentence structure without ruining the meaning. A number of things can be done with it, including writing blog posts, making unique articles, and copywriting for marketing.


Boost Writing Career

Our paraphrasing tool enables freelance writers and professionals to boost their writing careers.


Engage Audience

Quality written content helps increase user engagement on the website. With our best rephrase online tool, you can create content that is magnetic and has a competitive advantage.


Best Paraphrasing Tool Online

By utilizing this AI paraphrasing tool online, you will be able to effectively paraphrase online any text. You can rewrite an unlimited number of essays and blogs without making any errors. Your rephrased content will always be professional & unique.


How to use this Rephrase Tool?

To rephrase sentences by using this online paraphrasing tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Select a rephrasing mode between:
  • Fluency
  • Standard
  • Creative
  • Smart
  • Formal
  1. Write, paste, or upload a file from the local storage.
  2. Select the preferred language.
  3. Verify the reCAPTCHA.
  4. Click on the Paraphrase Now button.
  5. Copy or download the result text for future use.
How To Use

Where is our paraphrasing tool used?

Our Paraphrasing tool is useful in many fields, including education, research, writing, and journalism. Sentence rephraser not only rephrases sentences but also corrects grammar mistakes.

In Education

Students can make their assignments plagiarism free and easy to understand with our tool. For good grades, assignments must be grammatical errors free, and we can help with that :).

For teachers, the paraphrase tool helps in study notes, reports, and quizzes.

In Journalism

Our online paraphrasing tool is best for rephrasing text in a clear and concise way for readers. Journalists can avoid copying text verbatim from sources using our free tool.

In Research

Our paraphraser is the best tool for summarizing and synthesizing information from multiple sources. We can help researchers to rephrase complex statements in a more concise and understandable way.

Whether you are writing a brand-new research paper or a thesis, our rewording tool can ease your work.

In Writing

Blog Posting: Make your blog posts plagiarism-free and seo friendly with

Scriptwriting: Rephrase text in a more engaging way and avoid repeating the same ideas or phrases.

Copywriting: Create your message more powerfully to ensure that the writing is appealing and effective.

Content Writing: Make unlimited copies of your written content with our word changer.


Why our Rephraser?

Our online rephrase tool offers an advanced paraphraser powered by AI technology.

We have developed a professional paraphrasing tool for writers, teachers, students, webmasters and marketers. It works by rephrasing sentences and making paragraphs free of plagiarism. The best reasons to use this sentence rephraser are:

  • High-Quality Paraphrasing: Our tool produce coherent and grammatically correct paraphrased text.
  • Compared with other online tools, we provide a high word count limit with unlimited daily sections. 
  • Scholarly & Semantic paraphrasing tool

Our Services


Content Protection

We do not share or sell the input data. Feel free to paraphrase your essays, thesis, or assignment. Keeping your information private is our top priority.


Free Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing with this paraphrase generator is 100% free. There is no need to sign up or provide the credit card information to use our word rephraser.


Paraphrase precisely

Besides unique content, this sentence rephraser helps you write a precise piece of information. It excludes extra information when paraphrases and provide only relevant paragraphs.


Smarter Content Writing

The AI technology rephrases the sentences and makes them unique every time you click the paraphrase button. You can get unlimited unique results and can do smarter content writing with the same text.


Rewrite Social Media Posts

Now you can paraphrase social media posts to avoid copyrights ©️. Share the same idea on your social media profile but in your own words.


Accurate & Precise

Unlike other paraphrasers, is more accurate and produces precise results from given text. This paraphrasing tool is unmatched and free for all.


Have Any Questions


Is using a paraphrasing tool cheating?

No, using a paraphrasing tool is not cheating. By paraphrasing, you are not copying someone's idea. You are just trying to express others' opinions in your own words. It can be considered cheating if you use it to represent someone else's work as your own. In order to avoid plagiarism, and to improve clarity, you can use our tool to rephrase the text.


Is using a paraphrasing tool considered plagiarism?

No, using a paraphrasing tool is not considered plagiarism. As mentioned, our paraphrase tool provides 100% plagiarism-free content. Every mode provides you with unique content. You can further check your content for plagiarism using our plagiarism checker tool.


Can we use paraphrasing tools for legal writing?

Yes, you can use paraphrasing tools for legal writing. As legal writing is highly specific and context-sensitive, our rephrase tool is best for it. Our tool paraphrases the text by keeping the original context intact. You can rephrase complex legal language to easily readable language using our tool.


Which is the best free paraphrasing tool for thesis writing?

Thesis writing must be creative, grammar-error free and plagiarism free. This paraphraser improves writing style, removes grammar error, and makes your thesis 100% plagiarism free. Those features make the best paraphrasing tool for thesis writing.


Can I use a paraphrasing tool for professional writing?

We have developed Creative and Smart modes for professional writing needs. Our sentence rephraser could be used for professional writing without any worries.


Can paraphrasing tools be detected?

Paraphrased text provided by our tool is unique, plagiarism-free and looks original. We use advanced libraries and algorithms to paraphrase the content.


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