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AI Detector

Use an AI content detector to check whether the text is generated with an AI tool or human-written.

AI Detector - How to Use?

Our AI detector lets you easily check for AI in any content. The following simple steps will allow you to detect whether the content has been humanized or AI-written.

  • Upload the text file or paste the text directly in the given field.
  • Click on the ‘AI Checker’ button to initiate the process.
  • The tool will analyze your submitted text and detect AI generated text.
  • Get accurate and reliable AI detection results instantly.

Working of AI Detector

AI is everywhere. People from almost every field take advantage of AI to complete their tasks. However, many individuals have started using AI check tools for fraudulent purposes. This issue is mainly observed in content creation. Many individuals prefer using AI to create content to save their efforts. That's where our advanced AI detector comes into play. With this AI detection tool, users can easily find content not written by humans. It offers the most straightforward method for detecting AI in content that assists users in finding the instances of AI in any content. Submitting the text in the given field can unveil the text generated by the AI content checker.

Process Model of AI Checker

Our AI checker uses the latest technology and NLP algorithms to examine your submitted content. The process model of this AI content detector is immensely advanced, so it can give you 100% reliable results. The different phases of the AI detection process are:

Data Collection

The first phase of the AI detector is data collection, in which our tool gets user textual data. This AI writing detector will process the collected information to ensure that it's created by humans or generated by AI.

Semantic Analysis

After collecting the data, the next phase is semantic analysis. In this phase, the AI text detector examines every aspect of the content, such as sentence structure and vocabulary, to verify whether AI or humans created it.

Insightful Results

Once the entire content analysis is completed, the AI detector provides accurate results and tells us if the text is original. This AI content detector gives you percentage-wise results to help you understand the portion of text that is AI-generated.

Machine Learning Algorithm

The AI writing checker uses advanced technology and machine learning algorithms to check for AI in the content. The backed algorithms examine and observe every part of the text so no piece of information remains unchecked.

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Why Use Our AI Detector?

Our AI detector is an incredible utility that provides the perfect way to check the uniqueness of content. Below are the major pros of trying our web-based AI writing checker.

Unlimited AI Check

Unlike most online facilities, this AI checker offered on doesn't impose any restrictions on its users. You can check for AI in countless articles, essays, and research papers without facing any limitations. You won't be asked to sign up or install any application to detect AI in your content.

AI Detector Free

Don't want to spend much money using an AI detection tool? Our AI essay checker won't ask you to pay a single penny to analyze your paper. Using our web-based AI text detector, you can ensure the genuineness of any textual content free of cost.

99.9% Accuracy

Our developers strive hard to provide our valued users with a reliable and fast way to detect AI in any content. The advanced backend algorithms allow this AI writing detector to find any instance of AI in the text. You can check the accuracy of this AI text checker using any other online AI tool.

Multilingual AI Detector

Our advanced AI content detector supports multiple languages. This AI content checker supports French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, and many other languages. You can use this free tool to detect AI in text written in any language.

Potential Users of AI Detector

Our AI detector is a fast tool that helps people from almost every field. Below are the biggest beneficiaries of this AI detection tool.


Students must write assignments and research papers to get good grades. However, the uniqueness of their work is essential in this regard. Duplicating others' work or using AI to complete the assignment could lead them to face severe penalties. A tool like a plagiarism checker can check for quality and duplication issues. Our AI content checker helps them ensure their written text is free from AI.


Teachers often receive assignments that AI creates from their students. Detecting AI in any paper or article is challenging and time-consuming. With the help of our AI detector, teachers can quickly find out if the submitted work is written by students or created by AI.


High-quality content is the main pillar of any blogging website. Bloggers must publish unique and engaging content to inspire search engines. It helps them to get high rankings on search engine results pages. Bloggers don't like visiting sites that offer AI-generated content. Using our AI essay checker, bloggers can find and rectify any AI-looking content to avoid unpleasant situations.


Does This AI Checker Require Any Subscription?

No! Our AI checker doesn't ask users to buy any subscription. They can easily check for the genuineness of any content and access this AI content detector.

Is This AI Detector Capable of Doing Real-Time Content Analysis?

Yes! This advanced AI writing detector can analyze your uploaded text in real time and give you the most reliable output.

Do I Need to Buy Any API Using AI Text Detector?

No! Unlike many other AI-detecting tools, our AI text detector doesn't demand you buy APIs.

How Does an AI Detector Protect the Privacy and Confidentiality of the Content?

The backend algorithms of our AI writing checker ensure no third party can access your data. Besides, the tool doesn't automatically save and erase your uploaded text once you get the detection results.

What Are the Benefits of Using an AI Checker?

Our AI detection facility provides an easy way to check for the originality of any content. With this AI test tool, you can ensure the text is written by humans or generated by AI.

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