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Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter is a free, powerful, and automatic rewriting tool that will rewrite essay into readable, plagiarism-free, and appealing content. It gives instant results when you enter your text into the text box below and click the “Rewrite Text" tab.

How to Use Article Rewriter Tool?

Using this fantastic rewriter tool is pretty straightforward. Follow the below-mentioned steps to rewrite article using our Essay Rewriter:

Step 1: Write down or paste your content in the input box. The rewrite tool also allows uploading a file in .doc, .docx, and .txt formats.

Step 2: Next, choose one of the two options given, "Rewrite" and "Creative," before clicking on the "Rewrite My Essay" button to rewrite text. The article rewriter will take a few seconds to change your sentences into unique, plagiarism-free content.

Step 3: Proofread the rewritten content and see if it requires additional changes. You can copy or download the content by clicking the button displayed under the output text.

AI-Powered Modes of Essay Rewriter

Our essay rewriter works on a multi-mode mechanism. It includes two types of article variations. Here is a brief explanation of how the text changes in each mode:

Rewrite Mode

The ‘Rewrite’ mode focuses on rewriting the information straightforwardly. Therefore, our text rewriter follows all the writing rules. It focuses on being clear, making sense, and using proper grammar in this mode. 

Creative Mode

The ‘Creative’ mode goes beyond the standard rewriting measures to capture the reader’s attention. Our AI rewriter uses creative expressions, metaphorical language, and detailed descriptions to rewrite essay.

Features of Article Rewriter article rewriter is the best word spinner that guarantees the production of unique and plagiarism-free text. We have mentioned why our word rewriter is considerable for rewriting your text.

Deep Spinning

The backend algorithms of this top-notch AI rewriter perform an in-depth scan of your text to learn its context. This deep scanning helps the tool learn the text's core intent. Once the text is examined, this essay changer restructures the content based on its understanding and gives 100% accurate and reliable results.

AI-based technology

This plagiarism rewriter is an AI-powered rewrite tool that provides high-quality content anytime you want. Advanced rewriting algorithms at the backend help automatically rewrite the uploaded content for users to save time and energy.

Easy to use

This article rewriter is an excellent choice for all writers because of its easy-to-use interface. Being a student or beginner writer, if you're looking for a basic rewriting tool, this is your best alternative. Our Essay Rewriter requires no login or sign-up options before using it. The use of the rewriter tool does not require rocket science. Anyone with even some basic technological know-how can utilize it without hassle.

Rewrite Text Unlimited

Unlike most online facilities, this word spinner doesn’t restrict its users from rewriting articles. Using this AI rewriter free, they can rewrite countless articles without facing any restrictions. This will allow you to rewrite as many articles as you desire without any limit.

Expanded Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a powerful tool that sets the tone and engagement of any article. Users can improve their vocabulary by analyzing the output generated by this article rewriter. Besides, it will also enable them to get familiar with the appropriate way of using that vocabulary in sentences.

Benefits of Using Article Rewriter

There are several benefits to using a free rewriter tool. Look at a couple of important ones below.

Original and high-quality content

Our article spinner will make your website or profile's content more attractive and easier to read. For example, you can create a description of your eCommerce site using this article rewriter. The tool will generate original, unique, and high-quality content.

SEO Friendly Rewriter

Humans and search engines can easily understand the content generated by this essay rewriter. Using our essay changer, you can keep your blog, social media sites, and website constantly updated with new information. It is essential to remember that Google is looking for unique content. Using this rewriting tool, you can rewrite article with more readable content while retaining the original text's meaning.

Plagiarism-Free Content

Our plagiarism rewriter is the best and most sophisticated article rewriter. With this rewriting tool, you can generate plagiarism-free content, a holy grail for writers! You can also verify the content through a Plagiarism Checker.

All-in-One Essay Rewriter

The rewrite tool by is a versatile solution designed to revamp different text types. The points below show how easily this article spinner can rewrite various sorts of textual content:

Article Rewriter

Bloggers and website owners frequently need to renew their existing content. Our rewriter’s powerful algorithms can complete this task more efficiently. With our tool’s assistance, individuals can create revamped text versions while maintaining the original intent.

Text Rewriter

Clarity in smaller pieces of text, like emails, product descriptions, or social media, can be improved by rewriting them. Thankfully, our text rewriter can rewrite text and eliminate this requirement. The AI-powered backend of sentence rewriter can create a unique variation of existing content.

Word Rewriter

Sometimes, modifying a few words can significantly impact the overall quality of the content. This procedure can be made more efficient by using our contextual-based word rewriter. The tool can change the tone and replace synonyms to improve the readability of content.

Essay Rewriter

Writing essays can be tricky, especially when aiming for originality. Our essay rewrite tool can make this process easier. The tool can assess the structure and rewrite essay to generate alternate wording.

Who Can Use This Article Rewriter?

The advanced AI rewriter is equally beneficial for people from almost every profession. Here are some major beneficiaries of this essay changer.


Students write unique, inspiring, and flawless academic assignments to impress their teachers. However, improper grammar or poor vocabulary may cause challenges for students when writing an assignment. That’s where this article rewriter tool comes to rescue them. Using this rewording tool, students can improve the quality of their content and remove any duplication from it.


Writers are responsible for providing their readers with stunning and engaging content. Besides, they are also supposed to generate content that can enhance site traffic. Using this article spinner, they can bring more clarity to their writing and make it captivating for the readers.


Journalists strive to give breaking news faster than others. However, presenting the news in a unique and appealing tone is also mandatory to get the audience's appreciation. With our top-notch article rewriter, they can create a new and more attractive version of any article or news within a few seconds.


Does Rewriting Tool Maintain Text's Original Meaning?

Yes! Our AI rewriter restructures your article while keeping the actual meaning of the content unchanged. The rewritten content will share the same meaning as the original text but in an entirely new and better way.

When Should You Consider an Essay Rewriter?

A word spinner is ideal to use for removing instances of plagiarism from a text. Besides, you can use it to boost the engagement of a text. The tool also helps in improving your grammar knowledge.

How Accurate is an Article Rewriter in Preserving Grammar?

The AI article rewriter is backed with advanced technology that can produce excellent results. The tool spins your text while using the best grammar and vocabulary to make the content more engaging for the reader.

Is It Legal to Use Rewriter Tool?

Yes! Using an article rewriting tool is legal until you are not stealing others' content. This advanced tool is used to improve the quality of your article or expand your writing skills.

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