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    Check paper online to find & fix the errors using the essay checker. Simply submit your essay and spot all kinds of mistakes instantaneously!

    How to Use Essay Checker Free?

    The essay checker free utility has a user-friendly interface that allows users to check paper effortlessly. You can follow the simple instructions to use this essay grader:

    • Copy/Paste the text or submit a file using the upload option.
    • Hit the “Check My Essay” button to initiate the process.
    • The tool will identify and highlight mistakes in a matter of seconds.
    • Tap each highlighted word or phrase to explore suggestions and apply them to fix your essay.
    • Download the fixed version of your essay with a single click.

    Working of AI Essay Checker

    The AI essay checker by is an innovative platform that uses powerful algorithms to ensure precision and efficiency in your essays. Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are two of those cutting-edge technologies. The tool looks at how the text is written and then compares it to other texts it has learned from. Our developers have used a large array of language structures, patterns, and styles to train the ML models of this paper checker. It can rapidly detect and highlight the text area that needs to be corrected. This essay corrector further uses the training of its machine learning models to provide recommendations for each identified issue.

    Key Features of Essay Checker

    Our essay checker boasts various features to make your essay much better. Here's a look at what this tool can do:

    Instant Paper Checker

    This paper checker swiftly reviews your content for flaws, such as grammatical, punctuation, typos, or other errors.

    Free Essay Checker

    You can utilize our essay corrector to its maximum potential without paying any fee because the tool has no hidden pricing plans. 

    Check Spelling Mistakes

    This essay grader has a comprehensive module that can assist you in immediately fixing spelling mistakes. You can also use our spell check tool to verify your mistakes.

    Real-Time Essay Checker

    This AI essay grader allows you to refine essays in real time by efficiently providing feedback and grades on the input.

    Highlight Grammatical Errors

    With this essay fixer, you can get perfect content every time. The tool makes it easy to spot and fix grammar mistakes. For a more comprehensive check, you can also use our grammar checker to ensure your writing is flawless.

    Eliminate Punctuation Issues

    The paper checker helps you get your content across just how you want by correctly fixing commas and other punctuation mistakes. Additionally, our punctuation checker can enhance the clarity and precision of your writing.

    What Other Errors Does Our Essay Checker Fix?

    The essay checker also fixes writing errors other than grammatical blunders only. Some of these errors include the following:


    Redundant words and sentences often disrupt the clarity of text. Our AI paper checker can effectively identify and fix such repetition issues.

    Sentence Structure Issues

    Clunky phrases can cause structural problems and reduce the readability of text. However, our essay checker can help you turn such sentences into elegant content. 

    Extra Spaces

    Writers often mistakenly place additional spaces that ruin the overall appearance of the content. Now you can ensure a fresh look for your paper with our paper checker. 

    Unnecessary Words

    Excessive words can increase the fat of a paper. But our paper grader can help you remove unnecessary words and streamline your essays.

    Benefits of Using Essay Checker

    The essay checker is quite a beneficial tool for several reasons. Some prominent benefits of using this paper grader are discussed below: 

    Clarity Improvement

    Our essay grader can help you reduce ambiguities and improve the content of your paper. By embracing it, you can improve the clarity of your writing and enhance your content. 

    Vocabulary Enhancement

    This essay corrector can provide smart vocabulary recommendations based on the input’s context. Therefore, you can use it to improve your writing quality and broaden your vocabulary.

    Professional Writing

    Our paper checker can turn a text into a professional document by removing unnecessary gaps. By leveraging it, you can impress your readers by creating polished documents.


    This AI-powered tool checks your essays easily. You can use it to make your writing process faster and get more done.

    Professional Users of Paper Checker

    Our paper checker is used by many people in different fields. The professionals who use this tool include:


    Our essay checker can effortlessly help students create perfect and high-quality written work. Therefore, students can ensure top-notch grades and academic success with this thesis checker.


    Our paper grader can ease the grading procedure by effectively offering invaluable feedback. Therefore, teachers can effortlessly benefit from this tool's AI-powered capabilities.


    Freelancing can be difficult because one person needs to handle everything. But with our essay fixer, freelancers can easily check essays and impress their clients. 

    Academic Researchers

    Research papers require flawless grammar and document structuring. Using essay grader, researchers can quickly improve the credibility and impact of their research papers.


    How Can I Check My Essay?

    You can check essay using the essay checker facility offered by It just asks you to submit an essay you want to check and offers accurate detection of mistakes in seconds.

    Is It Cheating to Check Paper Using Essay Grader?

    No! Improving the quality of your paper using an essay corrector isn’t cheating. This tool doesn’t facilitate academic dishonesty. It offers students a way to learn about the existence of errors in their write-ups and how to fix them.

    Will the Essay Grader Auto-Correct My Work?

    No! The essay grader won’t auto-correct your work. It will highlight the mistakes and provide suggestions to fix them with a single click.

    Does this Essay Checker Detect All Sorts of Plagiarism?

    No! The tool offers assistance in detecting and correcting grammatical mistakes in your content. You can access the plagiarism checker to detect all sorts of plagiarism.

    How Accurate is this Paper Checker?

    This paper checker is 100% accurate in detecting and correcting mistakes from any text. It utilizes advanced techniques to identify and rectify errors to make your paper error-free.

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