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Online Text Editor

Online text editor enables you to write text, edit text, download the file, and use it anywhere you want.

How to use this Online Text Editor?

You can write and edit your text with this online text editor by following a few steps.

  • Start typing in the input field.
  • Use the editing functions if needed.
  • Add media in the text if required.
  • You can save the final file as a pdf or a doc file format.

How Does Our Online Text Editor Work? offers a text editor online tool based on advanced technologies to handle huge amounts of text. This web-based facility offers an wordpad online tool where users can start typing whatever they want. As you type or edit text, each move is automatically saved to help you work without distractions. This plain text editor stores your data in a temporary database. Once you are done editing and saving the document, the text is automatically removed from the servers of this tool.

Features of our online text editor

There are many features offered by this online text editor, and some noticeable features are listed below.

No Installation

Installing a text editor and filling your device’s storage space is unnecessary. Simply get into this plain text editor and start typing or text editing your files. It’s a web-based tool that can be accessed through your device's default browser with a single click.

User-friendly interface

The online text editor by has an easy-to-use interface, and you don’t need any technical guidance for using this facility. All you need to do is get into the tool, and all the functions will be visible. You can easily write or edit any type of text.

Unlimited Text

This plain text editor provides unlimited text editing without any limitations. You can upload text of any length to this Wordpad online tool and make your desired changes in a matter of seconds.

Multiple Editing Functions

This free text editor online offers multiple editing functions, including basic and advanced ones. With its advanced editing functions, you can make multiple changes to your text, such as altering text alignment, line spacing, font typefaces, styling, font size, and font color.

Check Grammar

As soon as you write your content, you can also check the grammar. You need to press the “Check Grammar” button, and this editor will redirect you to the grammar checker. This tool is also offered by and has the easiest interface, the same as this online text editor.

Check plagiarism

The text editor online also offers to check for duplication by pressing the “check plagiarism” button. You’ll be redirected to the plagiarism checker, which will help you identify the exact instances of plagiarism in your document.


If any plagiarism is detected in the content, you can simply remove it by using the “paraphrase it” option. This option will let you use the paraphrasing tool of, which is completely free and easy to use.

Multimedia Facility

You can add images and other multimedia using this online text editor. There is no need for another tool to add multimedia. This feature will help you uplift the visual appearance of your document.

Multiple Saving Options

When you write or edit text online, you can simply download that file. There are two file formats for downloading the file. One is the PDF file format, and the second is a DOC type file. You can choose any of the options suitable for you.

Auto Save

You don’t have to worry about losing your changes using the online text editor, as it boasts a real-time saving feature. This text editor online won’t require you to press any ‘save’ button or icon. All the changes you make to your text will be auto-saved.

Uses of WordPad Online

The Wordpad online can be used for various reasons. Some of the prominent uses for this utility are discussed below:

Remove Formatting

If you want to remove formatting from a text and customize it according to your requirements, you can use our text editor. This tool allows you to remove formatting with a single click. After that, with this tool's advanced text editing features, you can use plain text or format it however you want.

Quick Notes

Students can use this facility to write text online while taking lectures. Writing key points of a lecture in a notebook is quite difficult. It's annoying when you can't find the pages you need. This problem can easily be avoided with the help of our online text editor.

Code Editing

Developers and coders can also find this free text editor online useful in their work. They can simply paste code into this utility and make changes to it without any restrictions. It can also be used to write code from scratch.

Writing Blog Posts

Bloggers need peace of mind when writing words for their blogs. The plain text editor can help them achieve this objective, allowing them to write whatever they want.


How to Edit a Text?

You can access this online text editor to edit a text. This web-based utility allows you to customize and format any text file hassle-free.

Is My Data Safe and Secure When Using WordPad Online?

Yes! Your data is 100% safe and secure when using WordPad online. The text users upload stays in this tool’s servers for 30 minutes. Your data automatically gets removed exactly after 30 minutes when you close the online text editor window.

Can I Format & Customize My Text in Online Text Editor?

Yes! You can format and customize your text using the online text editor offered on this web portal. From altering alignment to adding bullet points and changing font style, the text editor allows you to make custom changes to your text without facing any restrictions.

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