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Reword sentences, paragraphs, and essays online using our free rewording tool.

How to Use a Rewording Tool?

The functionality of our reworder doesn’t involve any complex procedures. Its user-friendly interface makes it quite convenient to reword paragraph or other kinds of text. You are just required to follow a simple procedure that involves the following steps:

  • Type the text in the given box or submit a file directly by clicking the upload button.
  • Select a rewording mode from the available options.
  • Hit the “Reword Generator” button to initiate the process.
  • Tap the highlighted text to explore more rewording options.
  • Copy or save a file with a single click on the download button.

Technology Behind AI Rewording Tool

The AI rewording generator by works on artificial intelligence technology and its sub-branches: NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning). This reword tool starts its processing when you submit a text for rewording. First, it analyzes your content in-depth to understand the context. Then, its AI algorithms reword essay and replace words with their contextual synonyms. The tool presents reworded text with great readability and improved sentence structure in seconds.

Advanced Features of Our Rewording Tool

The rewording tool boasts various features that make it stand out from other utilities available over the web. Its advanced features involve the following:

Multiple Uploading Options

Users of this reworder will find it easy to submit text, as it comes with multiple uploading options. You can type the text in the given box, paste it, or upload a file from your device or cloud storage account.

Reword Up to 2000 Words

This reword AI tool won’t restrict you to using fewer words for rewording sentences. You can reword your lengthy documents with our rewording tool. It allows you to reword up to 2000 words in a single go.

Super Fast Reworder

The reword generator won’t take long to process your request and deliver reworded text. Its super-fast algorithms reword sentences and display output in seconds.

Free Rewording Tool

You aren’t required to pay a single penny to use this reword generator. It is a web utility that remains free of cost no matter how many pieces of content you reword with its assistance.

Multilingual Support

The rewording tool isn’t limited to a specific language but offers multilingual support. Whether you have a text in English, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Spanish, or Russian, this facility will help you reword a paragraph without imposing any limitations. 

All-in-One Reword Generator

The usage of the reword generator available on this web portal isn’t restricted to a certain type of content. You can re word the following kinds of texts with the help of this rewording tool.

Paragraph Reworder

You want to reword a paragraph, you can utilize our AI-powered paragraph reworder. It rewords a paragraph based on its context and preserves the original meaning in the output.

Sentence Reworder

You can reword a sentence and make it easy to read and engaging for the users by using our sentence reworder. This tool allows you to reword sentences without following any difficult procedure.

Essay Reworder

The essay reworder assists students in improving the quality of their essays. You can reword essay and eliminate its duplication issues to save yourself from academic penalties.

Benefits of Using Rewording Tool rewording tool offers various advantages to its users. The benefits you can enjoy by using this reword tool include the following:

No Plagiarism

The reworded text delivered by this re word generator contains no traces of plagiarism. Our AI reworder processes your text through advanced AI technology. It generates a fresh and unique-looking output that won’t contain any duplication. You can also utilize our plagiarism checker to confirm the originality of the content.

Improve Quality

The rewording tool is also designed to improve the quality of your content. The advanced mechanism of this rewording generator allows it to write reworded text that maintains a high standard and readability. This improvement will make your content engaging and effective.

Enhance Productivity

The reword generator can surely boost your productivity with its assistance. Instead of manually rewording content and spending extensive time, you can use this reword AI tool to generate results instantaneously.

Synonym Suggestion

Our reword tool includes a built-in synonym suggestion function. It rewords the text and provides alternative words that can enrich your content with diverse vocabulary.


How to Reword a Sentence?

You can reword a sentence by accessing the online rewording tool on Submit the sentence you wish to reword, select the preferred mode, and hit the given button to get results instantly.

Do I Have to Pay to Reword My Sentence Using a Rewording Tool?

No! You aren’t required to pay a single penny using this sentence reworder. It’s a free-of-cost facility that allows you to reword unlimited sentences without charges.

Is Reword Generator Helpful for SEO?

Yes! The rewording tool can prove helpful for SEO. It allows users to remove plagiarism and focus on creating unique content. 

Is It Legal to Reword My Paragraph Using the Rewording Tool?

Yes, it is legal to reword your paragraphs, as long as you don’t try to take credit for someone else’s hard work. That's why mentioning where you got your information is important when rewording. It helps people know where the information originally came from.

Does this Reworder Change the Context of the Text?

No! The advanced technologies running at the backend of this rewording tool preserve the text's original context while rewording it.

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