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Text Compare

The text compare utility helps you compare two texts and find their differences and similarities in a flash. Simply paste your files and compare the text.

How to Compare Text Online?

The online text compare facility by offers a convenient way to compare two files. You can follow the simple instructions given below to compare text:

  • Upload your files or paste the text in the given boxes.
  • Press the “Compare Text” button to start the process.
  • The differences and similarities will be highlighted in your text files within no time.

Features of Text Compare Tool

Our text compare tool provides various features that make it an exceptional utility over the web. Some of its outstanding factors involve the following: 

100% Free

This text comparison utility is free of cost. No charges are associated with its usage. You can access this utility freely and compare text files without worrying about paying a penny.

No Limitation

Even though this text compare facility is free, it still won’t impose any sort of limitations on its usage. allows users to compare text documents as often as they desire without facing any restrictions. 

100% Accurate

The results generated and displayed by this text comparator are 100% accurate. It compares two text files and precisely shows the identical and dissimilar portions of text.

Advanced AI Technology

Our text comparison tool is backed by advanced AI technology. It utilizes natural language processing and machine learning techniques to assess and compare two files, showing users accurate results anytime, anywhere.

Highlights Duplication

If you are comparing text files to detect instances of duplication, then this tool is the best choice for you. The diff checker uses red and green colors to highlight the difference between text. The distinct color informs you about their duplicated nature.

Multiple File Formats

This tool doesn’t restrict text comparison processes to a certain file format. It supports multiple file formats, which include txt, doc, docx, and PDF. Hence, you don’t need to worry about converting your files to a specific format for comparing them with this web-based tool. 

Benefits of Using Online Text Compare Tool

Using an online text compare facility is beneficial for users in several ways. Here are some of its top-notch benefits: 


The text comparator helps users save ample time by automating the text comparison process. It can boost writers' overall workflow by freeing up time for focusing on other important areas of content improvement.

Error-Free Content

The text compare facility can help you find differences between the newly created pieces of text and benchmark content. It will help them detect issues and ensure the final content is accurate and error-free.

Decision Making

The tool is designed to provide a clear comparison of text. Hence, with its assistance, users can compare text to see how changes affect their work and find the best solutions for their needs.

Uses of Text Compare Tool

You can use the text compare tool for various reasons. The prominent use cases of this online utility include the following:

Plagiarism Detection

You can compare text to detect plagiarism in academic papers, articles, and other sorts of content. Many times, teachers doubt their students about being involved in copying each other’s assignments. They can use a plagiarism checker to catch them and easily find the duplicated traces. 

Code Comparison

The developers can also use this text compare tool to compare code online, identify changes, and merge code from different sources. This utility can greatly assist in collaborative environments, especially when multiple developers work together to code a single project.

Document Revision

Using text comparison tool has also become common among writers, proofreaders and editors. It is helpful for them in the revision process, as they can use it to compare files online, track changes, and ensure accuracy.


How Do I Compare Two Texts?

You can compare 2 texts with the help of’s text compare utility. You must submit the two text files you wish to compare using this tool. It will take a few seconds to highlight both documents' similar and different sentences. 

Why Is It Necessary to Compare Text Online?

Comparing text online is necessary to catch copycats. It’s an efficient method to catch duplicates and determine how much effort individuals put into creating content. The tool can do this job on your behalf quickly.

Is it Safe to Use the Text Compare Tool?

Yes! It is completely safe to use the text comparison tool. It has been developed using advanced encryption technologies to preserve the confidentiality of users’ data. Hence, your data won’t be kept in its databases or shared with any third-party source.


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