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Diff Checker

Diff checker is used to highlight the difference between two text files. It efficiently check difference side by side. Just upload the document files or paste the text and let our text diff tool locate the differences between the two text files and highlight them.

How to Use This Diff Checker Online?

The diffchecker by check diff between two files online by giving input to both the first and second input boxes. You just need to perform the following steps:

  • Upload the first file in “First value” and the other in “Second value.”
  • Or start typing or paste the text in both fields.
  • Verify the captcha and click on the “Check Difference” button.

Why Use Diff Checker?

Our developers have put much effort into creating this text difference tool. Different features of this facility allow you to check differences online. Some of them are:

AI Technology

This diff checker works on AI-powered algorithms. The integration of artificial intelligence helps it precisely identify the difference between two text files. Therefore, if someone has tried to replicate the content by poorly rephrasing it, this difference checker is smart enough to identify that.

Multiple File Formats

This online diff checker offers more than one file format, and these file formats are Doc, Docx, and PDF. You can upload a file directly from your device using any of these formats. Therefore, you don’t need to convert files to a specific format with this facility.

100% Free

This diffchecker online is a completely free to use utility. It ensures you can effortlessly identify text difference between files. Therefore, this cost-effective solution will save you money.


It is easy to get the results with this difference checker. All you need to do is input the required information, and you are all set to get the difference between two text files. Therefore, this text diff utility ensures you can use it without training or technical knowledge. 

Highlights in Multiple Colors

Our diff checker understands how challenging it can be to spot the differences between two lengthy text files. Different colors make the results more engaging and noticeable. Therefore, red is used to highlight the input difference, and green to highlight the output difference. It also helps to make the user experience much better.

No Registration

The text difference checker by prioritizes the ease of its users. It doesn’t bother users with any registration process. Therefore, this diff check tool's quick mechanism will save its users ample time.

Instant Results

After specifying the inputs in both the first and second value boxes, you'll get the results in a few seconds. No more waiting hours to find the text difference. Therefore, using this diff checker online will save you valuable time.

Unlimited Words Count

The text compare tool doesn’t place any limitations on its users. There is no limit specified for checking diff online using this diffchecker. Therefore, whether you want to check the difference between two lengthy or short text files, you can quickly get the results with this web utility.

Advantages of this Difference Checker

This diff checker can be a beneficial utility for its users. Here’s how users of this online tool will get advantage from it in various ways:

Highlights Duplication

This difference checker online is a visually rich tool. It highlights the differences in red and green colors. Therefore, if you want to identify duplicate content across documents, this web utility can effortlessly do that.


Manually finding the text diff between two files is a difficult task. Our online diff checker automates this entire process. Therefore, using this facility will save valuable time.

Avoid Plagiarism

When users work on similar tasks consistently, they unintentionally reuse existing content. But since this diffchecker allows easy detection of similarities between texts, using it will protect you against unintentional plagiarism. Ultimately, you will be able to maintain academic and professional integrity. You can also verify your content through a plagiarism checker.

Who Can Use This Diffchecker?

Due to the quick and accurate working of our online diff tool, it can be useful in various fields. Some of those industries are given below:


Our facility allows webmasters to find differences between two versions of their website content. With the help of diff online facilities, they can make precise and consistent site changes.


This diff check utility can help students improve their academic work. It offers a simple approach to recognizing and understanding the changes across texts. Therefore, if students are comparing research papers for assignments, this text diff utility will aid them in ensuring the accuracy of their work.


Programmers can accurately determine the similarities between two code files using this diff checker. The tool allows them to maintain code integrity with ease. Whether collaborating on a project or reviewing changes, you'll benefit from this tool, which visualizes the differences between two code files.


How Does a Diff Checker Work?

The difference checker looks for differences between the provided content by checking the text line by line. This tool integrates AI technology to detect every instance of content. It prevents the publication of accidentally copied information.

Is It Necessary to Check Text Difference Between Two Files?

Yes! Checking text is essential, especially for those who write textual content daily. Doing so helps them avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Is It Safe to Use Diff Checker Online?

Yes! Using the diff checker is completely safe to use. Our platform has been encrypted through advanced security protocols. Moreover, we don’t store the uploaded data on our servers. Therefore, there is no need to worry about any security issues with our tool.

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