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The text Summarizer by takes an input document of any length and produces a short summary or abstract. The summarize tool rapidly understands and resynthesizes your writings in one click, focusing on the key point or simply skimming through.

How to Use This Text Summarizer?

It is simple to summarize text by using this summarizer tool. Follow the simple steps below, and that’s it.

  • Write or paste the text into the provided text area.
  • You can also upload a .txt or .docx file to start text summarization.
  • Click on the ‘’Summarize” button. Text Summarizer provides a premium quality summarizing tool to all our valued users. Whether you want to summarize paragraph, an article, an essay, or other text, this AI summarizer is always available. Now, you don’t have to invest your energy in learning the main idea of a text. Simply paste the text on this article summarizer and get it in a few instances. The entire process won’t require manual effort and will give accurate results.

Summarizing Tool Features summarizing tool offers top-notch features that allow you to summarize text efficiently. The major reasons for preferring this text summarizer are stated below.

Summarize Text Unlimited

This facility allows you to summarize text files without any limitations. Unlike other facilities, this utility doesn’t impose any restrictions and allows you to summarize as many articles, essays, blog posts, or paragraphs as you desire.

Add Bullet Points

Besides offering you a 100% accurate summary of uploaded essays or articles in a short paragraph, this text summarizer also allows adding bullet points to the summary. It will help you get a more concise and understandable form of a text.

Shows Best Sentence

This summarizer tool lets you find the core sentences in your uploaded text. It will allow you to find the most inspiring sentences in your text. This feature helps you get the best line in the content.

Free to use

There is no restriction on the number of words or characters for text summarization. Using our summarizing tool is completely free and available to you 24/7.

Advanced AI Technology

To retain the context of the content and retrieve important information, our AI leverages natural language processing to create the most precise summary.

100% secure

Our Summarize tool never saves your data in the database nor shares the content with third parties.

Fastest Text Summarizer

Our text summarizer works instantly and provides you with results in a matter of seconds. You paste the content and press the button, and your summary is ready.

Multilingual Support

Besides English, this summary tool supports multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, and many more.

Benefits of Using Summarize Tool

The summarize tool offers the perfect way to draw off the key information from a lengthy text. The primary benefits of using this text summarizer are shared below.

Avoid plagiarism

Our online summarizer allows you to create shortened text versions automatically. It helps to avoid plagiarism and ensure the originality of content. It is not intended for copying content from somewhere else, thus ensuring the uniqueness of results.

Increase Productivity

Writing an article from scratch is a time-consuming task. It requires deep research from the writer to get the main idea. With this summarizing tool, you can eliminate all these limitations and generate fresh content. This will certainly improve your productivity and the quality of your content.

Text Skimming

Unnecessary or irrelevant information in your content makes it less attractive to the readers. The text summarizer removes all the fluff from your text and extracts key ideas. The final text will be clear and simply convey the main idea.

What Can You Summarize?

Summarizing any kind of text is possible with this word summarizer. Not just that, summarizing any kind of text is possible with this summary generator. It is now possible to reduce the size of lengthier texts by breaking them into smaller pieces without changing their context. It helps you summarize the following kind of text.

Article Summarizer

Our article summarizer gives you the easiest way to get the main points from a lengthy article. This will save you from spending a lot of time examining the entire article yourself. Instead, you can find the primary points within a few clicks using this summary generator.

Essay Summarizer

Most of you face problems starting or ending your essay, and this essay summarizer is here to help you. It may be used as a guide for writing the essay's conclusion because it outlines all the points that must be discussed at the end.

Paragraph Summarizer

Finding the key points of a paragraph may consume an extensive amount of time. Using our paragraph summarizer, you can summarize paragraph and save yourself from making manual efforts.

AI Summarizer

The AI Summarizer extracts essential information from the text generated by the AI tools. It will help individuals reduce their efforts and get the main points of any AI-generated content.

Research projects

Composing a research paper is a time-consuming and challenging task. But now, it is possible to concisely write a research paper that explains the steps taken and the results obtained without hassle.


Summarizing a whole book story for students is an everyday duty for teachers in educational institutions. If you do not have time to read and use descriptive words for the story, you can use this text summarizer for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Summarizing Tool Work?

This PDF summarizer incorporates AI technology to summarize your content. The backend NLP algorithms of this text summarizer will examine the main context of the text. Later, this summarizer will extract the main points and summarize your submitted text accurately.

How Much Accurate Is the Word Summarizer?

The word summarizer uses advanced technology to process your uploaded data. This summary maker instantly processes your text and gives you 100% accurate information. You can cross-check the accuracy of this summarizer with any other online facility.

Does the Text Summarizer Handle Complex or Technical Content?

Yes! This text summarizer can handle complex content and give you the best results. You can effortlessly extract the major points from technical content. The chances of missing any crucial information will be zero in this process.

Is the Summarize Tool Legal to Use?

Yes! It is completely legal to use our summarizing tool. The tool doesn’t create any new content. It only extracts the main points from a text to make it easily understandable for the readers. So, you won’t face any legal issues using this online text summarizer.

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