Text Summarizer

The Text Summarizer by takes an input document of any length and produces a short summary or abstract. The summary generator rapidly understands and resynthesizes your writings in one click focusing on the key point, or simply skimming through.

Summarizing Tool Features

Free to use

There is no restriction on the number of words or characters for generating summaries at any given time. Using our summarizing tool is completely free and available to you 24/7.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

To retain the context of the content and retrieve important information, our AI leverages natural language processing to come up with the most precise summary.

Safe and secure

Our Summarize Tool never saves your data in the database nor it share the content with the third parties.

Fastest summary generator

Our Text Summarizer works instantly. You merely paste the content, press the button, and your summary is ready in a matter of a few seconds.

Avoid plagiarism

Using this summarizing tool, you can avoid plagiarism since it automatically generates shortened versions of a text. It is not intended for copying content from somewhere else, thus ensuring the originality and uniqueness in results.

Working of this Text Summarizer

It is pretty simple to generate a summary by using this summarizer tool. Follow the simple steps below and that’s it.

  • Copy the text into the provided text area or
  • Upload a .txt or .docx file to start summarizing it
  • Click on ‘’Summarize now’’

What can you Summarize?

There is no limitation on the number of characters and words, you can compress length content all at one time. Not just that, summarizing any kind of text is possible with this summary generator. It is now possible to reduce the size of lengthier texts by breaking them into smaller pieces, without changing their context. It helps you summarize the following kind of text.


Most of you face problems starting or ending your essay or thesis, this summarizing tool is here to help you. It may be used as a guide for writing the essay's conclusion because it outlines all the points needed to be discussed at the end.

Lengthy articles

No matter what type of content you're working on, our summary maker can assist you. It's as simple as selecting the required summary length and converting it into a brief and concise form.

Research projects

Composing a research paper is time-consuming and challenging. But now it is possible to concise a research paper outlining the steps taken and the results obtained without any hassle.


Summarizing a whole book story for students is an everyday duty for teachers in educational institutions. If you do not have time to read and come up with descriptive words for the story, you can use this summarize tool for free.


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