Step by Step Guide to Remove Plagiarism by Using a Paraphrasing Tool

Plagiarism is quite a common issue that students and content marketers have to face on regular basis.

It doesn’t matter how creative you are, there is always the potential of writing something that search engines considered to be plagiarized.

So, whether the plagiarism is intentional or accidental, you need to get rid of it if you want your content to bring the results that you want to see.

But the good thing is, there is an incredibly simple way out there that you can use to remove plagiarism from your content.

The process requires you to use an online paraphrasing tool.

If you have never used a paraphrasing tool, then this article is for you. We are going to share with you everything you need to know about online paraphrasing tools and how you can use one to remove plagiarism from your content.

What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool is an online tool that makes the process of rewriting a piece of content simpler and easier for you.

With a paraphrasing tool, there is no need for you to rewrite a piece of content manually. These tools work on AI algorithms to analyze the content and paraphrase it to remove plagiarism from it.

Benefits of a Paraphrasing Tool?

Using a paraphrasing tool offers a huge range of benefits. From being time and cost-effective, paraphrasing tools help you improve the quality of your content as well.

And these tools do all that in an automated way, without any kind of manual effort.

Here are the most amazing benefits of paraphrasing tools that you need to know

  • Great for Plagiarism Removal 

The biggest benefit of paraphrasing tools is plagiarism removal. These tools can be used to express an already written idea in a completely new way. If your content has plagiarism in it, you can pass it through the paraphrasing tool and the tool will rewrite the content to make it plagiarism-free. 

  • Rich & Engaging Content

Online paraphrasing tools don’t just remove plagiarism, they allow you to reword content in a rich and engaging way. With the help of paraphrasing tools, you get to create unique content that grabs the attention of your audience.

  • Fast Content Creation

Using the online paraphrasing tools, you can create a lot of unique content from the existing one in a short amount of time. Fast content creation is the biggest benefit of using an online paraphrasing tool.

  • Easy to Use

Most of the online paraphrasing tools are simple and easy to use. The use of online paraphrasing tools is quite simple and doesn’t require any kind of prior technical experience. You just need to add in the content that you want to paraphrase, and the tool handles the rest of the process for you. 

How to use the Paraphrasing Tool to Remove Plagiarism?

In this example, we are going to use which is the best online paraphrasing tool on the market.

Here is how you can use an AI Paraphrasing Tool to Remove Plagiarism from your content

Step 1: Copy the Content in the Paraphrasing Tool

The first step is to copy and paste the content in the paraphrasing tool. allows you to upload a file as well. The text input method is different for different tools.

You need to visit the tool and copy and then paste your text into it. You can put as much as 1000 words in one go, in the paraphrasing tool.

Step 2: Select the Language for Paraphrasing

You need to select the language based on the text that you have entered into the tool. The tool currently supports about 13 languages. You can choose the one that wants to use to rephrase your input text.

This feature is no available in most of the online paraphrasing tools. is one of the very few online paraphrasing tools that offer you this feature. So, once you have entered the content and you have chosen the language, you can move on to the next step. 

Step 3: Choose the Paraphrasing Mode

You need to choose a paraphrasing mode. The choice of a mode would depend on your particular requirements. You can choose from the Fluency, Standard, and Creative modes.

The fluency mode rephrases the input content in a conversational tone. The standard paraphrasing mode works just like any other online paraphrase. The Creative Mode uses rich words and phrases to make the content more engaging and meaningful.

Choose a paraphrasing mode as per your goals. Make sure to choose the right mode because it is going to have a huge impact on the output that you get with this online paraphrasing tool.

Step 4: Click on the Paraphrase Button 

This is the final step. You need to click on the Paraphrase button to start the paraphrasing process.

Once the paraphrasing process starts, it is going to take some time. The time it is going to take would depend on the amount of content that you have put inside of it.

You should be able to get the result in just a few seconds. You can copy and use the output on any platform that you want to use.

The resulting content from this tool would be plagiarism-free and it can be check using a Plagiarism Checker. You’d be able to use it easily, wherever you want to.

This is all there is to it! Once you have followed all the above steps, the plagiarism should’ve been removed from the content by now.

Final Words

Manual Plagiarism removal is a time-consuming task. And if you have to remove plagiarism from a lot of content, you might even have to rewrite everything from scratch.

If you don’t want to go through the struggle of manual rewriting to remove plagiarism, we recommend you check out the Online Paraphrasing tools. is an AI paraphrasing tool that works on NLP to reword content in a natural and effective way. You can use this tool to paraphrase your academic and web content for free.